About David Balaam

I retired ten years ago (2013) to pursue my many hobbies which had been neglected through work. I enjoy traveling, which I have done a lot of (apart from during COVID), either extensively in the UK or around Europe. My other passions are course fishing, writing (five novels to date), and photography.

Photography, in fairness, is what I spend most of my time on these days. I am a member of the Dorking Camera Club, and as of now, its Chairman. Not sure how that happened, but it has been a very enjoyable journey, learning new skills and experimenting with new ‘genres’.

Over these years I have built up an extensive portfolio, which, when included with some more recent work on new subjects, I have now decided to offer for sale on this website.

The Gallery will be added to regularly, so please keep looking.

If you have any questions please use the Contact Form and I will personally reply.

Thank you.

David E Balaam


Canon 6D EF body. 28mm prime f2.8 lens. 55-105mm f3.5 lens

Fuji X-T3 Mirrorless body. 55 - 200mm f2.8 lens. 80mm f2.8 Macro lens. 11-24mm f2.8 lens. 100-400 f3.5 lens with 1.4 multiplier.